Something new

Switching the blog to Django

Once again I’ve decided to update the internals of my website. I liked Jekyll quite a bit for its simplicity and minimalism, and the technical simplicity of writing blog posts as simple text files. But over time I realized that I was looking for another type of simplicity — the functional simplicity found in the ability to quickly visit a page, drop down a few thoughts and ideas, and move on with my day. For that reason, I wrote a pretty basic blog engine using Django which is what you’re probably seeing today.

There are a bunch of small features that I added that make writing and creativity easy — everything is added right through the web interface, and it’s possible to manipulate many parts of the page directly:

Photos are added through a simple drag and drop interface

CSS styling can be set on a per-page level, like the gray background or special title font here.

Individual paragraphs and sections of the page can be tweaked directly by moving them around.

Special content like youtube links are automatically converted into the appropriate embeds.

Over time I’ll surely add more features to make writing and quick posting easy. It’s also a plus that I’ve just switched to the Google Docs team at my job— making a blog engine and page editor is a great way to learn the problems of content creation in a web browser.