about me

Hi! I'm Fil

I'm interested in a great many things: product design, chemistry, networks, math, programming, and how people in different cultures interact with the world around them. I believe that over-specialization should be avoided as much as possible, and I try to learn from as many perspectives as possible.

I'm currently on a sabbatical, but most recently worked as the head of product at Better Mortgage where I built the foundation of a mortgage bank platform for consumers, bank staff, and investors over four years.

Before that I was at Google for three years, where I worked on the Docs and Maps teams, also as a PM.

I studied chemistry and computer science at Harvard. I'm originally from Poland, and have lived in Kraków, London, Texas, and Boston before living in NYC. In my spare time I enjoy skateboarding, photography, cooking, and experimenting with technology.

about this site

I made this site using a custom nuxt.js implementation, hosted on Linode.


Reach me at fil@ the domain of this site, @fzembow on twitter, or on LinkedIn.